To ensure that students are provided with the most accurate information, our texts are thoroughly researched and are authored by professionals in the subject field. All ICDC textbooks, along with their companion exercise books provide a thorough understanding of on-the-job skills. We specialize in easy-to-understand tests that cover every skill the student needs to learn in order to competently handle the job.

These in-depth books are ideal for training students, new office personnel, and for those who want to enhance their understanding of the various topics.
Layout and Design
Complete Coverage
All of ICDC's texts are written in easy-to-understand language. Narrative discussions of industry guidelines are followed by hands-on activities that reinforce key concepts and skills. Our texts are modern,colorful and visually attractive. They are designed on every level to encourage learning and retention.
Exhibit Forms
All forms, documents, and charts relating to the subject matter have been included as illustrations in the relavant chapters.
Chapter Summaries
In order to reinforce the pertinent ideas presented, each chapter ends with a summary of the major points covered.
Chapter Outlines
Every chapter opens with objectives.The reader will immediately know what is expected of them as they read through the material; enabling them to better focus their attention.
Questions for Review
Each chapter closes with review questions designed to reinforce the basic concepts of the chapter and test the learner's knowledge.
Honors Certification™
Our trademarked Honors Certification Challenges™ are presented at the end of every chapter. These challenges provide an opportunity for students to obtain "honors certification" by passing a series of additional examinations. These challenges focus on the skills learned in each chapter, and give students a chance to prove that they have mastered the material, and are capable of performing these skills effectively in the workplace.

These requirements mirror those requirements that the student will be asked to perform on the job. Taking and passing these exams will not only earn the student the certification, but will also prepare them for the real working world. This extra distinction allows students and schools to certify that the student has achieved mastery of the skills needed to succeed on the job. Employers find this certification useful in recruiting and employing the best students.
Real Life™ Practice Exercise Books
ICDC is also proud of its Real Life™ series of practice exercise books. These books are written in an easy-to-understand format that helps students make the transition from trainee to employee. These books place the student in a simulated work environment, giving them tasks to complete as they would on the job. Each task must be completed with only a minimum of instruction, allowing the student to recall the skills they learned in the textbook and apply them to real life situations.

Each simulated work program covers several days in the life of an employee, permitting the student to perform a number of skills as they would in a work setting.
Instructor's Resource Manuals Including Curriculums
Our Instructor's Resource Manuals (IRMs) are all inclusive performance evaluators. They give the instructor the necessary tools to assess the student’s progress at critical points in the program. The IRM's “Performance Evaluators and Answer Keys” Instructor Resource Guide (PEAK™ IRG) provides the instructor with the following components:
  • Program Overview—Provides the instructor with general information on the program’s structure, and details how to obtain maximum benefits from the program materials.
  • Modularization of the Program—The program modules are structured to be small, individual, and topic-specific in order to emphasize the importance of learning through participation and practice. The modules also follow the sequence of the Guide to Dental Front Office Administration textbook. The flexible modular design allows schools to easily alter the program’s length and sequence, and to have concurrent enrollments. The Modularization of the Program includes:
  • Module Objectives.
  • Program Prerequisites.
  • Chapters Covered.
  • Transparency Masters—Forms and documents for the program are provided for in-class presentations.
  • Program Marketing Materials—Twenty plus sample marketing letters and brochures are provided for marketing the program including a labor market survey form and health claims examiner job analysis.
  • Professional Achievement of Certification and Educational Requirements (PACER™) Curriculum—Provides the instructor with all the necessary materials needed to quickly and easily start a new program. The PACER™ curriculum includes the following:
Daily Lesson Plans
  • Topics/Lessons Covered.
  • Performance Objectives.
  • Required Materials.
  • Discussion and Investigation Questions.
  • Teaching Methodologies/Evaluation.
  • Performance Evaluators and Answer Keys (PEAK™)—Provides the instructor with the necessary tools to assess the student’s progress at critical stages in the program. The PEAK™ are categorized by chapter and include the following:
  • On the Job Now Exercise Answers.
  • End of Chapter Exercise Answers.
  • Honors Certification™ Challenges.
  • Honors Certification™ Challenges Answers.
  • Test Banks—The questions and exams are developed from module objectives. Test Banks include the following:
  • Fill-in Questions.
  • Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Short Answers.
  • True or False Questions.
  • Matching Exercises.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Test Bank Answer Keys.