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ICDC Institute specializes in working with occupational specialists to gather, organize, analyze, and understand data that answers questions relevant to that particular job.

ICDC creates and offers PACER™ Curriculums and PEAK Instructional Evaluators for educational and training programs. PACER™ stands for Professional Achievement of Certification and Education Requirements. PEAK stands for Performance Evaluators and Answer Keys.

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Curriculum Material
Pacer™ Curriculums
Our PACER™ curriculum provides the instructor and training institutions with all the necessary materials needed to quickly and easily start and run a new program. The materials are setup in a modular design for ease of implementation and concurrent enrollments. Many training institutions have gained state and accrediting agency approval with our materials.
What's Included
The PACER curriculum material includes the following:
  • Daily Lesson Plans.
  • Topics/Lessons Covered.
  • Performance Objectives.
  • Required Materials.
  • Discussion Questions.
  • Evaluation Tools and Resources.
About the PACER Curriculums
Before creating each PACER™ curriculum, ICDC performs extensive research into the needs of the employers who will hire the graduates or the needs of the employer for which the employee works. These needs are then incorporated into the curriculum program and the corresponding training aids; which may consist of handouts, texts and/or exercise books. This approach utilizes the benefits of years of practical experience and results in the presentation of straight-forward material that gives the student or employee what they need to succeed on the job.
Instructional Evaluators
Our PEAK instructional evaluators provide the instructor and trainer with the necessary tools to assess the student’s or employee’s progress at critical stages in the program. PEAKs include the following:
  • On the Job Now Exercise Answers.
  • End of Chapter Exercise Answers.
  • Honors Certification™ Challenges.
  • Honors Certification™ Challenges Answers.
All of our PEAK instructional evaluators also come with Test Banks—whose questions and exams are developed from module objectives. Test Banks include the following:
  • Fill-in Questions.
  • Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Short Answers.
  • True or False Questions.
  • Matching Exercises.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Test Bank Answer Keys.
On-The-Job Training Seminars
ICDC's training programs incorporate On-The-Job Training in the form of a Simulated Work Program designed to create a level of expertise needed by workers to be able to contribute to the efficient operation of procedures.

Our programs are particularly well suited for educational institutions and companies who are looking to implement student, trainee, or employee training programs for further education, refresher courses, or for the instruction of completely untrained employees.
Educational Partnerships
ICDC Institute partners with educational institutions for the development of vocational and technical curricula with local industries and schools. This type of partnership is ideal for school-to-work, externships, new hire, and employee training programs.

By ensuring that students, trainees and employees have achieved the skills and capabilities (or competencies) employers are looking for, there is a much higher probability of success for all involved as follows:
  • Success for the Student, Trainee, or Employee – As these individuals are given the opportunity to learn all the skills they need to succeed in their chosen profession; therefore, they are much more likely to find and retain employment.
  • Success for the Employer – In being able to hire new employees who have the skills, capabilities and attitude they are seeking, the need for employee training is substantially decreased and employee retention is increased.
  • Success for the Training Institution – Creating an opportunity for students to learn and be successful, translates into higher placement rates and happier, more fulfilled students.
Project Management Training
Helping organizations achieve their business goals through the alignment of their business strategies with the skill development of their people is what ICDC's management training is designed to accomplish.

Accepting and dealing effectively with the many changes in assignments and projects is simply part of day-to-day life. ICDC's project management training courses will help to deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget.

Designed to help you keep projects on track even in the toughest, most unpredictable times, our project management training courses will teach your employees to identify and use the necessary communication tools to make the most of both business and personal interpersonal interactions. Management personnel will learn to openly discuss problems and challenges with others and be able to take advantage of the opportunities that they encounter. They will also be able to reduce the potential for misunderstandings and miscommunication.

ICDC Project Management Training Classes are tailored to the needs of your organization and can be delivered on-site; at our facility; or we can provide you with the material for training.
Upon completion of our courses participants will have completed the skills necessary to sit for various certifications within their designated field of employment.